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Dental Day

What is an example of what my pet will experience on “Dentistry Day”?

Pet dental day at Guilderland Animal Hospital1. Dental procedures require anesthesia. Pre-anesthetic blood work is usually performed prior to being admitted to the hospital.


2. Your pet will be admitted by a Licensed Veterinary Technician between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.  Please allow at least 20 minutes for the admit process.


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3. Routine dental cleanings are performed by a Licensed Veterinary Technician under the supervision of a Veterinarian.

4. Anesthetic protocols are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient.  A pre-anesthetic injection provides sedation and pain control.

5. An intravenous catheter is placed for anesthetic induction and administration of fluids.


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6. After the pet is anesthetized, an endotracheal tube is placed to deliver oxygen and gas anesthetic.

7. Sevoflurane, considered to be the safest gas anesthetic available, is used for general anesthesia.

8. A pulse oximeter is used to monitor heart rate and oxygen level.



dental 39.Initially the mouth is checked for obvious fractures, abscesses and loose teeth.

10. The oral cavity is rinsed with CET or Chlorhexidine anti-bacterial solution.

11. An ultrasonic scaler is used to remove plaque and tartar.



dental 4


12. The teeth are assessed by a veterinarian and extractions are performed as needed.

13. The gingiva (gums) are evaluated for periodontal problems such as pockets or tumors.



dental 5

14. The teeth are polished, leaving a smooth surface on the enamel which inhibits attachment of plaque and tartar.

15. Oravet sealant is applied to each tooth for additional plaque protection. (




dental 6

16. Pets wake up from anesthesia in the warm recovery room and go home the same day.